Hi there!



Let's not beat around the bush, Motherhood might be the hardest job there is! It can be lonely, tiring and confusing and yet, It’s one of the greatest transformational journeys we will go on as women - it is life changing. It requires a strength you never knew you had. 

You pour your heart and soul into looking after this small human, introducing them to life and through this can forget who you were before. 


You are not alone. 

You might be feeling like you have lost your identity as an individual as well as a mum. Like there is a fog of motherhood over you which is impacting your ability to focus on your priorities, your career and life harmony. You might feel like your confidence has taken a hit and you need a boost. If you are feeling any of these I can help you. 

I often hear things like:

  • ‘I feel a pressure to go to back to work’

  • ‘Maternity leave isn't what I expected it to be’. 

  • My confidence has been impacted returning to work, I feel like I’m not good enough

  • I feel so overwhelmed with work and personal life I don’t know where to start 

  • I just feel guilty as a mum leaving my little one in child care

What if I told you this doesn't have to be the case. I help working mums;

  • Rebuild their confidence 

  • Clarify who they want to be moving forward, this new you as a mum and an individual 

  • Define career priorities and have a plan in place

  • Build work life harmony that works!

Lets change those thoughts, ensure you feel balanced and happy, utilise your superpower as a mum and an individual to create that sense of calm you are looking for. Well as calm as it can be with a small child! 


Together we can make that happen. 


I’m Kellie, working mum and coach! I have coached hundreds of women like you through the transition of motherhood and understand the overwhelm and self doubt that returning to work can bring. As a seasoned coach predominantly working with senior leaders I’ve spent 15+ years in Senior HR Roles in the corporate environment. I blend the leadership and people experience from my corporate roles together with my coaching skills to provide coaching and mentoring to my clients. 


I hold ICF accredited diplomas in Personal Development coaching (distinction) as well as Corporate and Exec Leadership coaching (distinction). I am trained to deliver DISC personality profiles as well as hold a number of SHL accreditations. I am also a Mental Health First aider and mum to gorgeous little girl. 


I want you to feel amazing when you return to work, confident and happy this is the right decision and strong enough to take on the world.